• Compared with the air-hydraulic underground lift, the advantages of LUXMAIN electro-hydraulic underground lift

    The electro hydraulic used by LUXMAIN Underground car Lift, it works differently from air hydraulic, the hydraulic oil in the oil circuit is driven directly by the motor/pump station to make the cylinder work. Speed: The compression rate of air much more than hydraulic oil, so the rise/fall rate ...
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  • LUXMAIN Underground Car Lift ——Double Post Inground Lift L5800(B)

    In addition to the Single Post Inground Lift, LUXMAIN has also developed Double Post Inground Lift. This paper introduces the Double Post Underground Lift L5800(B) in detail. Double Post Inground Lift L5800(B) Equipment features: & The mechanical parts are all inground, and the ground is equi...
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  • LUXMAIN Underground Car Lift ——Single Post Inground Lift

    Single Underground Lift Description  L2800(A):  Equipped with a bridge-type telescopic support arm to meet the needs of different wheelbase models and different lifting points. After the equipment returns, the support arm is parked on the ground. L2800(A-1):  Equipped with X-type telescopic suppo...
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  • LUXMAIN Underground car Lift ——One Post Inground Lift

    LUXMAIN Single Post Inground Lift is driven by electro-hydraulic. The main unit is completely hidden under the ground, and the supporting arm and power unit are on the ground. This fully saves space, makes work more convenient and efficient, and the workshop environment is clean and safe. It is s...
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  • LUXMAIN Portable Car Lift

    With the rapid development of social economy and the comprehensive progress of science and technology, people are more likely to embrace the idea of the concept of green environment protection. And the lightweight is extremely critical. After a long period of research, LUXMAIN has successfully de...
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  • LUXMAIN Underground car Lift

    LUXMAIN is the only manufacturer of a full range of inground lifts in China. After a long time of research and exploration, LUXMAIN inground lift has formed a relatively rich product lineage, including Single Post Inground Lift and Double Post Inground Lift. The biggest feature of the Underground...
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  • New design lift for long wheelbase vehicles

    Luxmain developed a new model design single post inground lift,it is L2800(F-2) model lift.According to the request of some customers who need to lift the pickup truck, this long support arm lift is designed.Compared with other model lifts,the most obvious feature of this lift is that the support...
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  • Why customers feel satisfied on Luxmain portable lift?

    Luxmain has sold thousands of portable car lifts all over the world and has been well received by users. Now let’s hear what users say about this portable lift. John Brown is a car enthusiast. He usually washes, maintains, replaces tires, and changes oil on his car by himself.He bought a DC...
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  • European users also like the single post inground lift!

    Joe is a car enthusiast with a penchant for DIY repairs and modifications from UK. Recently he bought a large house that is fully furnished with a garage. He plans to install a car lift in his garage for his DIY hobby. After many comparisons, he finally chose the Luxmain L2800 (A-1) single post i...
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  • Introduction to luxmain portable car lift — good safety

    Luxmain portable lift is a good helper for car caring. Let me introduce the performance and precautions of this lift in detail. During the lifting process of the Luxmain portable lift, the car will move forward. Don’t worry, as long as there is enough space, the car can be lifted smoothly.P...
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  • Self service car this weekend

    Self service car this weekend

    What are we doing this weekend? You can take your child to perform a simple maintenance on the car, replace the oil, air conditioning filter, and oil filter, introduce the child to the daily knowledge of car use, and take him to do it together. This is a kind of happiness for men. Then we will us...
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  • Quick Lift Crossbeam, applicable to the lifting of models with irregular lifting points

    Quick Lift Crossbeam, applicable to the lifting of models with irregular lifting points

    In order to better meet the diverse needs of users, LUMAIN Quick Lift is also constantly enriching the Quick Lift product line. Recently, quick lift crossbeam was officially launched. The lifting points of some vehicle frames are irregularly distributed, and it is usuall...
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