Portable Car Quick Lift Extension Frame

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L3500L extended bracket, matched with L520E/L520E-1/L750E/L750E-1, extends the lifting point forward and backward by 210mm, suitable for long wheelbase models.

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If you have several different models of cars with different wheelbases, and some even reach 3200mm, and their lifting points have exceeded the ends of the lifting frame, then whether this lift can not take care of these lifts. What kind of car? It doesn't matter, we have prepared an extended bracket for you, the length reaches 1680mm, and the single-sided weight is only 13kg, which is very convenient to carry. The structure of the lifting surface is the same as that of the quick lift. When you need to lift a long-wheelbase vehicle, you only need to put this extended bracket on the lifting frame, put a rubber block on it, and follow the quick lift operation steps to easily lift the vehicle.

Extension Frame (2)

Extension Frame (2)

Extension Frame (2)

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