European users also like the single post inground lift!

Joe is a car enthusiast with a penchant for DIY repairs and modifications from UK. Recently he bought a large house that is fully furnished with a garage. He plans to install a car lift in his garage for his DIY hobby.

After many comparisons, he finally chose the Luxmain L2800 (A-1) single post inground lift. Joe believes that the reason why he chooses the single post inground lift is because it saves space, has a reasonable structure, is safe and stable, and works conveniently.

Joe said, the main features of this equipment are: the main unit is buried underground, there is only one electric control cabinet on the ground, and the oil pipe is 8 meters long. The electric control cabinet can be placed in the corner of the garage as needed without affecting the operation at all. After the equipment is landed, the support arms can be adjusted to form two parallel lines. The width of the two support arms after they are closed is only 40cm, and the vehicle can smoothly cross the support arms and drive into the garage. Compared with the traditional two post lift or scissor lift, the inground lift greatly saves space in the garage, where vehicles can be parked and materials can be stacked.

When the vehicle is lifted, the perimeter of the vehicle is fully open. The X-shaped support arm is foldable and retractable in the horizontal direction, which can meet the lifting needs of different models, and is fully capable of changing oil, removing tires, replacing brakes and shock absorbers. , the lifting requirements of the exhaust system and other work.

This inground lift is equipped with double safety protection devices of mechanical lock and hydraulic throttle plate to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. The manual unlocking device can ensure that in the case of a sudden power failure when the lift is loaded, the safety lock can be unlocked smoothly manually, and the lifted vehicle can be safely dropped to the ground. The operating system selects 24V safe voltage.

Luxmain L2800(A-1) single post inground lift can fully meet the needs of a car DIY enthusiast, so Joe chose it.

Post time: Jul-05-2022