LUXMAIN Underground Car Lift ——Double Post Inground Lift L5800(B)

In addition to the Single Post Inground Lift, LUXMAIN has also developed Double Post Inground Lift. This paper introduces the Double Post Underground Lift L5800(B) in detail.

Double Post Inground Lift L5800(B) Equipment features:

& The mechanical parts are all inground, and the ground is equipped with a wall-mounted electric control box.

During non-working hours, the main engine and the supporting arm are completely hidden underground, and the ground is level and standard.

& PLC control, equipped with automatic one-key in-position preparation and one-key reset function, easy to operate.

& Equipped with double installation protection devices such as mechanical lock and hydraulic throttle plate. Synchronized steel beams ensure that the two lifting posts are raised and lowered synchronously.

& The upper cover of the main unit is provided with lights to facilitate the operation at the bottom of the vehicle.

Automatic cover plate mechanism is the biggest innovation point of Double Post Inground Lift L5800(B). The flip cover is a load-bearing structure combined with a painted patterned steel plate and a square tube frame, and the car can pass normally from above without deformation. The cover plate turning mechanism is driven by electro-hydraulic, and the hydraulic synchronizing valve and spring assist to ensure that the cover plates on both sides are opened and closed synchronously.

Double Post Underground Lift L5800(B) Work steps:

1.Press the “Prepare” button to automatically complete the following preparations: open the cover – lift the support arm – close the cover – lower the support arm – stop automatically when it touches the cover and wait for the vehicle to enter.

2.Drive the vehicle into the lift station, adjust the angle of the support arm, and confirm the lift point.

3.Press the “Up” button to lift the vehicle to the set height and start maintenance work.

4.After the maintenance is completed, press the “Down” button, the vehicle will land on the ground, the support arm will fall back to the cover, and confirm that the support arm is in the unlocked state.

5.Adjust the angle of the support arm to be parallel to the front and rear direction of the vehicle.

6.The vehicle moves away from the lift station.

7.Press the “reset” button to automatically complete the following reset work: the support arm rises to an appropriate height (no interference when the cover is turned over)—the cover is opened—the support arm is retracted to the ground—the cover is closed—control the system shuts down automatically.

Post time: Mar-14-2023