LUXMAIN Underground car Lift ——One Post Inground Lift

LUXMAIN Single Post Inground Lift is driven by electro-hydraulic. The main unit is completely hidden under the ground, and the supporting arm and power unit are on the ground. This fully saves space, makes work more convenient and efficient, and the workshop environment is clean and safe. It is suitable for Car Washing Lifting. 

LUXMAIN One Post Underground Lift has formed a relatively rich product lineage. The supporting arm has various types such as H/X. The supporting arm material includes two kinds of pure metal and metal inlaid floor grilles. The specifications and sizes can be adapted to the current market, about 80% of passenger models have functions to cover the needs of car repair and car washing lifting. The lifting post is made of seamless steel pipes. The standard configuration is 195mm in diameter and 13mm in wall thickness. The surface is plated with hard chrome to prevent rust and bumps to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

The foundation of the One Post Inground Lift is simple in construction and easy to install. The main unit is back to the ground during non-working hours. The ground is flat and can be used for non-lifting maintenance work or storage of other items. It is especially suitable for small stores and family garages.

Up to now, One Post Underground Lift family has more than 6 members. L2800(A) series and L2800(F) series have 3 products of different specifications respectively. From the feedback of the customers who bought Luxmain L2800(F-2) model single post inground lift, they spoke highly of it. It is widely used for car washing, car beauty, car maintenance and car repairing.

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Post time: Mar-09-2023