New design lift for long wheelbase vehicles

Luxmain developed a new model design single post inground lift,it is L2800(F-2) model lift.According to the request of some customers who need to lift the pickup truck, this long support arm lift is designed.Compared with other model lifts,the most obvious feature of this lift is that the support arm is very long,up to 4 meters,suitable for vehicles with long wheelbases such as pickup truck.

If the wheelbase is shorter,it doesn’t matter.This model lift is also suitable for shorter wheelbase vehicles.Vehicles with a shorter wheelbase could be parked in the middle of the plate length to prevent front and rear unbalanced loads. The plate is inlaid with the grille, which has good permeability, which can thoroughly clean the chassis of the vehicle and also take care of the vehicle maintenance.

Other features of L2800(F-2) model lift are similar to other models Luxmain single post inground lift.The main unit is buried underground,take up less space.The main unit is equipped with mechanical lock to ensure the safe of people and vehicles.

During non-working hours, the lifting post will fall back to the ground, and the supporting arm will be level with the ground. The ground is clean and safe. You can do other work or store other items. It is suitable for installation in small repair shops and home garages.

The lift adopts DC24V safety voltage to ensure people safe.

From the feedback of the customers who bought Luxmain L2800(F-2) model single post inground lift,they spoke highly of it.It is widely used for car washing,car beauty,car maintenance,car repairing.Welcome to consult this new design single post inground lift, it is our pleasure to serve you.

Post time: Jul-27-2022